Applications Engineer – EMPOWR3D Additive Manufacturing Team

Applications Engineer – EMPOWR3D Additive Manufacturing Team

Interfacial Consultants, LLC, a Nagase Company, is an innovative team of 100 who specialize in the development and commercialization of plastics, materials, and processes.  Our brands include Infinite Material Solutions, known for high-performance water soluble supports and unique model materials serving the 3D printing market.  Our model of R&D at the speed of business has made us the key solutions provider to leading companies in the additive manufacturing, electronics, building, and consumer products industries.  Our company culture is paramount.  The successful candidate will display behaviors that align with our deep respect for all employees and customers; collaborations through the open sharing of knowledge, successes, and failures; and accountability.

As a member of Interfacial’s EMPOWR3D Additive Manufacturing team, you will work daily on-site in our 3D Printing Lab which houses about 35 systems across Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and thermoplastic pellet printers.  CNC machining is done on our Titan Robotics system.  From small desktop systems by UltiMaker, Tumaker, Sinterit, Phrozen, and Peopoly, to high temperature systems like Arburg freeformer, INTAMSYS, and AON3D, you will have the ability to work across multiple technologies and projects.  

You will work closely with other engineers, scientists, account managers, and internal and external customers to accomplish project objectives.  You will support the creation of new formulations through resin mixing, print testing, post processing, and analysis.  You will work in a global organization, frequently interfacing with colleagues and customers from around the globe.  As part of this energetic team, your insights will help guide the direction of Interfacial’s products.


  • Independent start-to-finish print job execution, including file slicing, printer operation, parameter tuning, and post processing
  • Operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of a variety of 3D printers and ancillary equipment
  • Report creation, including laboratory recordkeeping, customer updates, and oral presentations
  • Application development for new and existing materials 
  • Providing clear and detailed project feedback to advise research program next steps
  • Materials management including inventory levels and hazardous waste management
  • Collaboration with team members including joint work, training, and group meetings
  • Participation in industry events, trade shows, and other sales and professional development opportunities
  • Internal and external customer technical support
  • Other duties as assigned

Essential Education, Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum of 2 years of 3D printing experience
  • Advanced computer skills, including experience with slicing software, modeling programs, inventory/ERP systems, and standard Microsoft Office products
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Teamwork
  • Good visual acuity and manual dexterity
  • Associates degree or higher

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience on open additive manufacturing systems, tuning software and hardware settings to maximize printing performance 
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing Experience
  • Experience with Printer Slicing Software, including support generation
  • Wet chemistry lab experience, including chemical hygiene and hazardous materials
  • Hands on Photopolymer Printing Experience – SLA, DLP, and/or LCD Printers
  • Polymer Chemistry and/or Photopolymer Chemistry Knowledge
  • BS in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Additive Manufacturing and Design, Mechanical Engineering, or other

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