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Regenatech™ Composite Ground Protection Mats create temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy vehicles, and are suitable for use on lawns, fairways, hardscaped areas and construction sites. Regenatech™ Composites have a highly durable, anti-slip surface with a recycled LDPE core reinforced by two fiberglass layers that provide industry-leading dimensional stability.

Key Benefits

Great value

compared to plywood or other composite mats.


for use in wet and muddy conditions.

More durable

in all conditions wet or dry.

20% lighter

than plywood and other composite mats.


made from 90% recycled materials.


through partnership with SiteOne® Landscape Supply.

See and hear why Regenatech™ is a superior solution to plywood.

Regenatech™ provides superior performance vs. plywood!

Ground protection mats are critical when temporary roadways or working platforms are required to protect surfaces or create access to job sites. Plywood is often viewed as a cheap and effective solution to meet these requirements. Yes, plywood may be cheap (in terms of quality and durability), but the reality is that plywood is not cheap because it costs more over time than using Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats. This is plywood’s dirty secret when it comes to ground protection!   Read More

Single-use plywood on job site

Watch the Superior Performance of Regenatech™ in the Real World!

Please watch our official video on Regenatech™ and hear how it provides superior performance when compared to plywood and other alternatives! When you are done watching, you will truly understand why Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats provide unparalleled value and are the #1 solution in the marketplace!

Demo Videos of Regenatech™ in the Field

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We have formed a strategic partnership with SiteOne® Landscape Supply for the marketing, selling and distributing of RegenatechComposite Ground Protection Mats. You can order online for delivery direct to your location, or order for pick up at a local SiteOne® store (if the store currently stocks Regenatech). 

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Ken Leahy | National Accounts Director

About Regenatech™ Technology

Regenatech™ is a patented composite technology derived from sustainable materials that has been developed by Interfacial. Regenatech™ is a multi-layered composite substrate that is produced using a combination of novel material and manufacturing processes. Regenatech™ composite substrates provide customers with superior technical performance attributes (e.g.,lightweight, flame retardant, dimensionally stable and antiskid) at a reasonable price. The technology has worldwide intellectual property coverage, and the finished products typically incorporate on average 90% recycled plastic content. Interfacial currently supplies Regenatech™ into the Building & Construction, Flooring and Transportation markets, and is actively developing new markets, customers and applications.