Feb 24

“Regenatech™ vs. plywood? An easy victory!”

Ground protection mats are critical when temporary roadways or working platforms are required to protect surfaces or create access to job sites. Plywood is often viewed as a cheap and effective solution to meet these requirements. Yes, plywood may be cheap (in terms of quality and durability), but the reality is that plywood is not cheap because it costs more over time than using Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats. This is plywood’s dirty secret when it comes to ground protection!

Ground protection mats are used in dangerous areas and in adverse weather conditions (muddy areas) with heavy machinery. Because of this, it is critical that the mats are not only affordable and available, but highly durable over multiple uses. Unfortunately, because plywood is considered cheap and easy to handle, it is often used as ground protection despite many downsides when comparing it to Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats.

What are the downsides of plywood as a ground protection solution?

  • Plywood is often useless after one cycle and often bought, used and thrown out after the first use. This short lifespan adds up to more dollars out of your pocket compared to the Regenatech™ mats solution.
  • Plywood is inconvenient and it is a hassle to constantly order plywood simply due to its limited lifespan.
  • Plywood is slippery due to not having an anti-slip surface for added traction. 
  • Plywood lacks durability and strength from sheet to sheet, especially after becoming wet and exposed to the elements. The porous structure of plywood means that it can absorb a lot of water which accelerates rotting and deteriorates the wood over time.
  • The average load bearing capacity of plywood mats can vary over time and from sheet to sheet depending on the differences in density, quality, ground weather and overall usage conditions. 
  • Plywood has a low load safety factor and can easily crack or delaminate if it comes under too much strain. 
  • Plywood gets heavier and muddier when wet, making it harder to lift, transport and install.
  • Plywood can absorb and even leach other oils, fluids and chemicals, posing a serious cross-contamination risk.
  • Plywood is often treated with formaldehyde which can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.
  • Overall, plywood mats can also be a serious safety hazard. Not only is there a risk of splinters and debris which cause tripping and accidents, but the danger of rot and other deterioration could cause them to bend or break unexpectedly. 

On the other hand, Regenatech™ mats are designed to answer all the failures of plywood and make for a safer and more cost-effective alternative. If you are regularly traversing lawns, turf, muddy sites, paving or asphalt, you really need something that lasts. Regenatech™ mats usually last for a minimum of 5-10 uses, giving them a high return on investment (ROI) when compared to plywood.

What are the real advantages of Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats?

1. Regenatech™ is significantly more damage resistant than plywood!

Opting for Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats ensures minimal risk of damage from the outset, leading to a longer lasting solution. The predominantly recycled material used in Regenatech™ is chemically inert so there’s no risk of cross-contamination from chemicals, oils and fluids. Regenatech™ is completely water resistant, so there is no damage over time due to water absorption. This means no risk of rotting, rodent infestation or other deterioration. 

2. Regenatech™ provides consistent quality when compared to plywood!

Each mat is manufactured with the same consistent quality and can reliably provide the right compressive strength and load bearing capacity required for your heavy machinery.  Because they are water and weather resistant, you can trust Regenatech™ mats to maintain consistent load bearing capacity time after time.

3. Using Regenatech™ mats means that you value and put safety first!

Opting for reliably durable and weather resistant Regenatech™ mats guarantees enhanced safety no matter the season or location. Unlike plywood, they do not splinter or break even in adverse conditions. At the same time, they are still lightweight and easy to handle so they can be man-deployed with minimal risk of injury.

4. Regenatech™ mats are ultimately more cost effective than plywood!

With a much longer lifespan and superior quality, you will save money by maintaining and deploying Regenatech™ mats through frequent and hard wearing industrial use. In fact, comparing ordinary plywood and Regenatech™ mats, you can easily earn back plywood replacement costs and provide high ROI in the first 6 months of use.

Today is the day to switch to Regenatech™ Ground Protection Mats, which will lead to a big win for your customers, your company and your employees!