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Anyone can become a technology leader in additive manufacturing with the right partner. That’s EMPOWR3D™.


EMPOWR3D™ offers online training, in person instruction and customized classes created for companies at all sizes and expertise levels. Customers can choose from three levels of training. EMPOWR3D™’s premier M3 level training is tailored to your needs before, during and after installation with full technical support. Our team can develop specific training for your needs. We also offer professional installation and training for workflow processes.

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We customize our training to your specific printers, team and needs. Get in-depth info on printer operation and technology nuances, materials and more.

100% Open Platform

We provide the best in class, most optimal solutions for 3D with an open platform philosophy for 3D printers and materials.

Custom Training in Every Format

Don't Forget Installation

Start off on the right foot with 3D Printing. We know how important installation and training is at the very start.

In Person or Online

We can design your custom training, support and education for online, in person, or both. Each custom training includes the 3D printer and materials.

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We teach more than just how to print. We show our customers how to innovate and profit from AM.

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