Highly Filled Masterbatches

Enabled by our proprietary liquid dispersion technology, Interfacial has set a new standard for the development and production of the market’s highest filled masterbatches.  Our process has three steps:  pre-coating of mineral or filler, removal of liquid carrier and finally pelletization.  The benefits to the customer are an easily dispersible pellet using conventional melt processing equipment and markedly increased processing output for the compounder (up to 100%).  Another advantage of our masterbatches is our ability to highly load many difficult to handle materials such as carbon black, thermally conductive graphite, nano graphite, carbon nanotubes, talc and natural fibers.  Current masterbatches and loading levels include:

Specialty Compounds

Interfacial has many years of experience developing high value compounds for an elite set of customers in the Medical, Consumer, Transportation and Building & Construction markets.  As we have developed these novel compounds, we learned early that many of our customers came to depend on us to actually manufacture their compounds.  Our focus has on niche applications (250 lbs annually or more) where there is need for very flexible manufacturing and assets, and the ability to turn around orders quickly.  In recent times, we have continued to add manufacturing assets as our business grows, and in particular we are now fully capable of manufacturing in truckload quantities in order to meet specific needs of our customers.  Areas of unique developments include:

  • Custom color compounds for low volume, JIT applications
  • Highly concentrated additive masterbatches (antimicrobial, processing additives, interfacial modifiers
  • Hot melt adhesive compounds
  • Compounds and additives produced by reactive extrusion