Our Philosophy

All Interfacial ventures share a common set of organizational beliefs and strive to create highly engaged organizational cultures.   We strive to create organizational cultures that value, develop and respect people at their core.  At Interfacial, we philosophically believe in and work to incorporate the following key principles into all of our ventures.


We aspire to treat all people in our organizations with RESPECT and EMPATHY. We aspire to attract and retain those individuals that practice these principles daily, especially Interfacial leaders. We believe that people have the same basic needs, including: Family, Health, Financial Stability and Work (I.e. feeling that they are making a difference in the world through their work). Throughout life, we all face challenges to these core needs. At Interfacial, we believe that by creating a culture that acts with RESPECT and EMPATHY we will gain a following of engaged people in our organization that overcome any business challenge facing them.


We value and aspire to attract and retain authentic people who act daily in an honest, ethical, selfless way with their coworkers, vendors and customers.   We hope to empower leaders that practice these principles and are also approachable and self-aware.   We believe in a culture of collegial collaboration vs. command and control. We strive to create an organization where everyone’s ideas, beliefs and concerns are valued.


We strive to create organizations that empower people to become organizational technology and process champions.  To effectively do so, we need to understand our individual strengths, weaknesses and passion.  By empowering people in roles that they are passionate about and that plays to their strengths we believe that we will be able to create the most competent and efficient organizations in the world.


We believe that too many develop cultures that are geared at fixing peoples weaknesses vs. honing their strengths. We strive to attract and retain complementary people in our organizations that are specialists at what they do. We believe that we should work to further develop and reward people based on their strengths and put them in organizational roles where these strengths best help them succeed.


We believe that too many organizations are cluttered with people that simply don’t DO!  We aspire to attract and retain the DOERS, regardless of title.  We specifically look to find and retain Visionary DOERS to lead our organizations and ventures.  Together we believe that an engaged culture of people that simply get the job done, regardless of what the job is and what hat they wear organizationally, is one destined to succeed.


We believe and work to create cultures that accept failure.  More importantly, we believe in creating an organizational culture that openly shares information, good and bad with each other.  Individuals that create information silos have no place in in Interfacial organizations.  We hope to create a culture that encourages the open acknowledgement, discussion of failure so that together we can insure that failed processes or experiments are not repeated.  By doing so, we hope to learn from and build better products and processes for our ventures and customers.

At Interfacial, we believe that if we vehemently practice PEOPLE Centric core values, we will create profitable ventures that can sustainably grow and are equipped to weather any storm.