The Cervenka Center

Interfacial’s technology platforms are incubated and developed in the Cervenka Center in Prescott, Wisconsin.  Located atop the beautiful bluffs of the Mississippi River, the Cervenka Center straddles the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota, both of which are leading environments for innovation and investment in the upper Midwest.

The Cervenka Center was designed and built in 1987 to inspire creativity and collaboration by Robert (Bob) Cervenka, CEO and Founder of Phillips Plastics Corporation.  It was at this premier Tech Center that Phillips Plastics first incubated the newly formed Interfacial Solutions (IFS) in 2004.  After IFS left the Phillips incubator in 2005, Dr. Jeff Cernohous was able to lead his IFS team to launch more than 50 products over a 10 year period that provided >25:1 ROI for its customers.  In 2014, IFS was acquired by the 3D printing firm Stratasys.

In 2013, Dr. Cernohous purchased the former Phillips Technology Center and named it the Cervenka Center to continue what Bob had started.  He subsequently launched Interfacial Consultants (IFC), which has now been integrated into Interfacial as its Development Services Division.  The Cervenka Center currently has state of the art laboratories, scale-up production and administrative space to support the successful incubation and development of technology platforms that are launched by Interfacial.

Take a visual tour of the Cervenka Center and some of IFC’s team in the Center