Advanced Composites

Interfacial has nearly 20 years of experience developing cost effective, high performance polymeric composites for the consumer, transportation and building & construction markets.  We have specific expertise in engineering natural fiber composites that have outstanding performance and value.   We have been involved in numerous successful product launches in this area, including the creation of Magma Flooring, which is now Interfacial’s Engineered Substrates division.

Unique Innovations

  • Lightweight composite substrates
  • Infrared reflective capstocks for reducing heat build up
  • Thermoplastic composites with very low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Natural fiber composites for injection molding and extrusion applications

Unique Innovations

  • Low cost, high performance composites using continuous double belt press technology
  • High performance natural fiber composites based on 100% recycled polymer feedstocks
  • Highly biobased, flame retardant polymeric materials
  • Composites based on agricultural waste streams
  • Hyperbranched biobased polymers via reactive extrusion

Sustainable Materials

A core area of Interfacial’s business has revolved around creating polymeric composites and compounds using sustainable materials that meet or exceed application performance requirements and are cost effective.   We have specific expertise in engineering solutions based on recycled and biobased polymer feedstocks.  We have been involved in numerous successful product launches in this area, including the creation of deTerra®, the only >90% biobased, class A flame retardant material in the world.


Interfacial has been actively developing materials and processes for the additive manufacturing market for nearly a decade.    We have been involved in numerous successful product launches in this area, and currently have multiple active development programs focused on creating materials and processes for applying additive processes to niche industrial manufacturing applications in the medical, building & construction, microelectronic and consumer markets.  Our last business, Interfacial Solutions, was sold to Stratasys in 2014.

Unique Innovations

  • High performance soluble support materials
  • Thermoplastic materials for additive manufacturing with functional performance attributes (conductivity, mechanical properties, clarity)
  • Printable foams using selective laser sintering (SLS)
  • Materials and processes for printing polyolefins
  • Materials and processes for decorative precision deposition (2.1D)

Unique Innovations

  • Custom color compounds for low volume, just in time applications
  • Highly filled masterbatches (minerals, carbon, natural fiber)
  • Highly concentrated additive masterbatches (antimicrobial, processing additives, interfacial modifiers)
  • Hot melt adhesive compounds
  • Compounds and additives produced by reactive extrusion


Interfacial has more than 10 years of experience with the development and manufacturing of specialty compounds for the medical, consumer, transportation and building & construction markets.  We are particularly focused on niche applications (as little as 250 lbs annual volume) that require great expertise and care to manufacture properly.  We have highly flexible assets that are designed for quick changeover and rapid scaling.   We currently produce up to truckload quantities for customers in a variety of markets.


In our nearly 20 years, and hundreds of development projects, Interfacial has built an exceptional network of relationships at the executive level.  We are keenly aware that in order to get a new product or technology launched it needs a champion at both the grass roots and executive level.  Our diversified professional network is a key to our success at launching new differentiated products for our customer base.

Unique Connectivity

  • Building and Construction (Decking, Railing, Windows, Flooring and Siding)
  • Automotive and Transportation (Auto, Truck, RV, Semi and OEM)
  • Plastics Converters (extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming)
  • Plastics Additive Manufacturers
  • Plastics Compounders
  • Wood, Pulp and Paper Manufacturers
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Diversified and Consumer Products Manufacturers
  • Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Microelectronics
  • Agriculture and Ethanol
  • Recycling and Recyclers
  • Venture Capital and Investment Banking