Highly Filled Masterbatches

Platform Innovation

Interfacial has developed technology to produce some of the highest filled masterbatches in the marketplace.  These masterbatches contain as much as 95% active filler and leverage Interfacial’s patent pending liquid dispersion technology.  These masterbatches offer the following advantages and benefits:

  1. A strategy to produce highly filled pellet masterbatches that are easy to handle, feed and disperse using conventional compounding methods
  2. Loading levels of fillers and active components as high as 95 wt%
  3. Fillers demonstrated include carbon black, carbon nanotubes, mineral (talc, carbonates, wollastonite), silicates, cellulosics, polymer additives and others.

“Technology behind the Technology”

This patent pending technology involves coating fillers with a liquid polymer dispersion (water based) and subsequently densifying and drying this composite to produce an easy to handle, readily dispersible pellet.  Loading levels as high as 95 wt % have been achieved.  For example, when conductive carbon black is treated with this liquid polymer dispersion and densified, it is possible to create a pellet that has >60 wt% active carbon black.  We have demonstrated that when this material is letdown using conventional compounding methods that the densified pellet readily disperses and maintains the carbon morphology (key to providing conductivity).

Featured Markets and Applications

We believe that these materials provide broad utility to compounders and processers that struggle in handling obnoxious, dirty, dusty and hazardous materials during melt processing.   This material is commercial in a natural fiber application and Interfacial has a partner with an option to an exclusive license in this field.  The technology is also nearing commercialization in a conductive carbon application and Interfacial is in negotiations with a multinational corporation for an exclusive license in this field of use.