High Performance Composite Substrate

Enabled by its continuous double belt press (CDBP), Interfacial’s Engineered Substrates Division manufactures high performance composite substrate.  These products are custom developed for an elite set of customers in the transportation, flooring, building & construction and other markets.  The key features of our composite substrates are multi-layer construction, made from recycled and virgin plastics, incorporation of a variety of unique fillers and additives and a unique ability to develop high performance composite substrates from dissimilar materials.  To date, our purchasing customers have worked closely with us to develop unique composites for their markets and applications, and many of them order in multi-truckload quantities.

Historically, we started with a focus on the flooring market, producing substrates to replace PVC in hard flooring applications.  We still do this to this day.  Our unique capability to replace virgin materials such as PVC with dimensionally stable substrates made from recycled materials has been a foundation of our success.  We have subsequently launched custom composites for applications as varied as flame-resistant inner layers for acoustical panels, high wear utility vehicle flooring and inner layers for RV exterior walls.  These successes have led not only to a commercially viable business, but to close partnerships with some innovation minded customers depending on us to help further their value and success in the marketplace.