Mar 29

Interfacial Announces Major Consolidation of Businesses to Support Accelerated Growth

Prescott, Wisconsin – What has been happening with Interfacial and its portfolio companies the past two to three years? Simply put, it has experienced phenomenal growth in all three of its portfolio companies – Interfacial Consultants (IFC), REV Materials and Magma Flooring. As a result, Dr. Jeffrey Cernohous and his leadership team made the decision to consolidate and organize these three businesses into three divisions under one umbrella brand, Interfacial. The change is effective to the public April 1, 2018.

The Interfacial brand has become synonymous with leadership in the development of advanced materials and manufacturing processes, and it is proud to maintain its corporate tagline of “Helping Innovators Incubate.” In 2014, Interfacial Solutions (IFS) was purchased by 3D printing leader Stratasys after a successful run of 10+ years developing disruptive advanced materials and manufacturing platforms. Prior to this, IFS had spun out Magma Flooring in 2012 with the intent of becoming a leader in the production of high performance composite substrates. In 2015, Dr. Cernohous launched IFC to continue his work with a number of high-profile customers to develop and seed the market with new, novel materials technology platforms. In 2016 IFC incubated and spun out portfolio company REV Materials in order to drive capability and capacity in the manufacturing of high value, niche compounds and masterbatches. Over the past two years, IFC found that many of its most successful customers required commercial capability in the manufacturing of niche specialty compounds, highly filled masterbatches and composite substrates. With this driving aggressive growth in both REV Materials and Magma Flooring, it made sense strategically to consolidate the three businesses under the Interfacial brand with three new divisions – Development Services (formerly IFC), Specialty Materials (formerly REV Materials) and Engineered Substrates (formerly Magma Flooring).

As Dr. Cernohous has emphasized, the growth and the linkage of the three businesses has forced a strategy that creates synergy, efficiency and leverages the brand equity of Interfacial. Dr. Cernohous stated, “We are extremely excited about consolidating our businesses into one brand. We believe it will allow us to more seamlessly communicate our core competencies and values to like-minded customers in need of our products and services.” Interfacial has invested heavily in equipment, capacity and people over the past few years to support the growth of its businesses, and it boasts multiple operations and locations in Western Wisconsin. Dr. Cernohous sees a continuing period of exciting growth ahead, “We are currently witnessing explosive growth at Interfacial. We hope to continue this trend by expanding our capabilities to incubate disruptive technology platforms for our innovative customer base.”

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About Interfacial: Interfacial is a leader in the development of advanced materials and manufacturing processes for the global marketplace. Its headquarters and Development Services division are located in the Cervenka Center, which sits atop the bluffs of the beautiful Mississippi River in Prescott, Wisconsin. Its manufacturing divisions – Specialty Materials and Engineered Substrates – are located in multiple locations in River Falls, Wisconsin. The company has nearly 50 employees, including a talented team of scientists, engineers, operators and support staff who work effectively as a team to develop, manufacture and deliver high performance advanced materials to the global marketplace.